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Till Creek: The Till Creek falls are only accessible by water, on the shore of Lake Superior, south of Old Woman Bay


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Baldhead River: The waterfalls on the Baldhead River can be seen from the Orphan Lake Trail.


SandR DSC 9559Sand top fallsSand lowersand river in flood

 Sand River: The Sand River has the most waterfalls and are easily accessible to the park visitor. To view the falls, use the Pinguisibi Trail.


Agawa Falls 2Wawa Fall 016

 Agawa River: Agawa Falls is 25 m/ 75 ft. high. It is only accessible by the Towab Trail. The falls are at the end of this 12 km/ 7.5 mi (24 km/ 15 mi roundtrip) trail, meaning that it is difficult to get to the falls and back to the start of the trail in one day.