Coastal Kayak/Canoe Route: 105 km (65 mi) linear        5 to 7 days
Michipicoten River to Agawa Bay

Only experienced paddlers should attempt paddling on Lake Superior. Caution is advised; the lake is extremely cold and the weather unpredictable. Fog may persist for several days. Winds change and waves can develop quickly. Sheltered coves and beaches for landing are limited, especially north of Chalfant Cove. Stay close to shore and be aware of changing conditions. Be prepared to be wind-bound 1 out of 4 or 5 days.  

Agawa Bay to Gargantua:                45 km (28 mi)
Gargantua to Old Woman Bay:        36 km (22 mi)
Old Woman to Michipicoten River:    24 km (15 mi)

A number of access points make it possible to spend a few hours or several days paddling the coast. Access points are located (from south to north) at:

  • Agawa Bay Campground
  • Sinclair Cove
  • Katherine Cove Day-use area
  • Coldwater River (south or north of the river; no large park sign)
  • Orphan Lake Trailhead
  • Gargantua Road to Gargantua Harbour (14 km gravel road)
  • Old Woman Bay
  • Michipicoten Bay (Sandy Beach; outside of the park)
  • Michipicoten River (Naturally Superior Adventures or Buck’s Marina; outside of the park)

The Park Map ($7) is recommended for those hiking or paddling the coast. The map shows trails, canoe route portages, campsites and points of interest. The reverse side has details (1:63,360) on the coastal section of the park. 

Backcountry campers require an Interior Camping & Vehicle Permit.  Camping is permitted on designated sites only. All backcountry campsites (along trails and paddle routes) are on a first-come basis. Campsites along the coast are shared by hikers and paddlers. If you are not able to make it to the next campsite, or if your destination campsite is occupied, you may have to camp in a non-designated site, but avoid making a fire (use a stove for cooking) and leave no evidence that you have camped there.

The permit covers your campsite and vehicle, so you don’t need a daily vehicle permit in addition to your camping permit. Your permit also covers your vehicle for day-use (until 10 p.m.) anywhere in the park on your departure day. There are several locations where you can register.

If you require shuttle service, there are a couple of local businesses which provide shuttles for hikers and paddlers:

Naturally Superior Adventures (near Wawa, north of the park):  1-800-203-9092;

Twilight Resort (Montreal River Harbour, south of the park):  705-882-2183

Be BearWise in the Backcountry:

  • Store food so that bears can not reach it. Hang it at least 4 metres (13 feet) above the ground. If hanging a pack is not an option, put in a canoe/kayak or boat that is anchored offshore.
  • Cook and store food well away from your tent site.
  • Seal garbage in a bag, hang it with your food and always take it with you when you leave.