2018 Summary of Hunting Regulations for Lake Superior Provincial Park

PLEASE NOTE: Lake Superior Provincial Park is not open to hunting until October ?, 2018.

Hunting is permitted in part of Lake Superior Provincial Park for moose, grouse and varying hare only. This is a summary of where hunting is permitted in the park and when the hunting seasons are open. In addition, the park's regulations for camping and the use of boats and vehicles are summarized.

Open Seasons - 2018 (dates not available as of February, 2018)

Grouse:                         October  – December  
Hare:                             October  – December 
Moose Residents:         October  – November   
Moose Non-Residents: October  – November 

Area Open to Hunting
For the 2017 season hunting is permitted only in that part of Lake Superior Provincial Park lying east of Highway 17 and north of the south boundaries of Brimacombe and Broome Townships. A map below illustrates the area open to hunting. Hunting is not permitted in the rest of the park.

Camping Areas
The Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground is open until Sunday, October 9th, 2018. Interior/backcountry camping within the hunting area is permitted only on designated campsites on a canoe-in or hike-in basis only. Camping fees apply.

Roads and Use of Vehicles
In addition to Highway 17, there are five roads in the park open to public vehicles. These are the Mijinemungshing, Gargantua and Frater roads and part of Gamitagama and Sand River roads. Only the Mijinemungshing Road and part of the Gamitagama Road provide access to the hunting area. The use of vehicles (including bicycles) on other roads, including old logging roads is prohibited. It is illegal to operate unlicensed trail bikes and all-terrain vehicles on any park road and no vehicles may be operated off the road anywhere in the park.

Boats and Aircraft
The operation of powerboats is prohibited in Lake Superior Provincial Park except on the waters of Sand Lake where powerboats of 10 horsepower or less, are permitted and Lake Superior where there is no restriction on motor size. Aircraft are not permitted to land in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Can and Bottle Ban
Non-burnable food or beverage containers (tin cans and glass bottles), are not allowed in the interior of the park. Containers and eating utensils that are specifically designed and intended for repeated use and for which no deposit is charged, and containers that are specifically designed for dehydrated foods are exempt from the ban. Hunters planning on canoeing or hiking into the hunting area are required to pack out their garbage.

PLEASE NOTE:  Regular camping and day-use vehicle fees are in effect until October 28, 2018. For those camping overnight, your permit covers day-use parking privileges, including on your departure day.  

Further Information
This summary is neither a legal document nor a complete collection of the current hunting and park regulations. Click here for Ontario Hunting Regulations (2018 regulations were not online as of February, 2018)

A copy of the 2017 Hunting Regulations Summary may be obtained from the Park Office (705-856-2284) or from Ministry of Natural Resources District Offices in Wawa (48 Mission Road; 705-856-2396) and Sault Ste. Marie (64 Church Street; 705-949-1231).