Eleven hiking trails explore the diverse landscapes and environments of Lake Superior Provincial Park – rocky shores, beaches, lakes and rivers, waterfalls, lush forests, wetlands and rolling hills. Trails vary in length and difficulty and are designed for novice and experienced hikers. There are kilometer signs every 2 km along Highway 17; the approximate location is given for each trail; Crescent Lake Campground is at km 1113.8, Agawa Bay Campground (and Visitor Centre) is at km 1105.5 and Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground is at km 1049.6.


 Trail  Hwy access location  Length

Hiking Time

 Rating  Highlights

Crescent Lake
(Crescent Lake Campground)

km 1113.8
2 km (1.2 mi) loop  ½  - 1 hr  


hardwood forest; spring flowers; fall colours; mushrooms; Crescent Lake campground now closed - park at gate and short walk on road to trail

(off Frater Road)

km 1103
(Frater Road)
24 km (15 mi) return,
 10 - 12 hrs rtn
(overnight recommended)

ψψ-Burnt Rock Pool

ψψψψ- Falls

follows Agawa River; fall colours; Agawa Falls
7 campsites



km 1101.4
10 km (6.2 mi) loop
(1.5 km (1 mi) to first lookout & return)
 4 - 6 hours;
45 min return to
1st lookout
ψψψ scenic lookouts over Agawa Bay and Agawa River valley; spring flowers; fall colours

Agawa Rock Pictographs


km 1098 0.5 km (0.3 mi) loop  ½  - 1 hr ψψ  Rock Paintings
(accessible only when Lake Superior is calm; caution advised; closes in mid-September)

(Sand River)


km 1090.6
6 km (3.7 mi) return, linear  1½ - 3 hrs, rtn ψ several waterfalls; scenic river; fall colours; fishing in spring and fall

Orphan Lake
More info...


km 1080.8
8 km (5 mi) loop  2 - 4 hrs ψψ diverse scenery; wildflowers; fall colours; scenic lookouts; beach; Baldhead River; joins Coastal Trail



km 1074.3
1.5 km (1 mi) loop  45 min. - 1½  hrs ψ wetland; wildlife viewing; floating board walk

South Old Woman River
(Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground)


km 1049.6
2.5 km (1.5 mi) loop  1 - 2 hrs ψψ river; lush vegetation; ferns

Peat Mountain    
(Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground)


km 1049.6
11 km (6.8 mi) loop  3 - 5 hrs ψψψ mixed forest; spring flowers; fall colours; scenic lookouts
1 campsite at Foam Lake

(from Old Woman Bay)


(km 1042.6) 5.0 km (3 mi)loop  1½  - 3 hrs ψψ Boreal Forest; lichens; lookouts over South Old Woman River valley and Old Woman Bay

Coastal Trail *
(More detailed description here...)


Various access points Total 65 km (40 mi), linear (N of Gargantua to Agawa Bay)  5 - 7 days;
sections can be hiked
in day-trips

Lake Superior shoreline; lookouts; geology; scenic & diverse landforms – cliffs, rocky shore, cobble beaches; & sandy beaches
designated campsites sites along the trail

* There are several access points for the Coastal Trail, including Agawa Bay Campground, Sinclair Cove, Katherine Cove, Orphan Lake Trail and Gargantua Road.


ψ- Easy: Well marked; level terrain; less than 3 hours;
ψψ- Moderate: Well marked, some steep inclines and uneven footing; less than 4 hours;
ψψψ- Demanding: Well marked; some steep inclines and uneven footing; long distance trails, 4 - 6 hours;
ψψψψ- Very Demanding: Route not well marked at times; many steep, rugged areas and uneven footing; long distance, overnight trails.