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2018 Summary of Hunting Regulations for Lake Superior Provincial Park

PLEASE NOTE: Lake Superior Provincial Park is not open to hunting until October ?, 2018.

Hunting is permitted in part of Lake Superior Provincial Park for moose, grouse and varying hare only. This is a summary of where hunting is permitted in the park and when the hunting seasons are open. In addition, the park's regulations for camping and the use of boats and vehicles are summarized.


Old Woman Bay







Eleven hiking trails explore the diverse landscapes and environments of Lake Superior Provincial Park – rocky shores, beaches, lakes and rivers, waterfalls, lush forests, wetlands and rolling hills. Trails vary in length and difficulty and are designed for novice and experienced hikers. There are kilometer signs every 2 km along Highway 17; the approximate location is given for each trail; Crescent Lake Campground is at km 1113.8, Agawa Bay Campground (and Visitor Centre) is at km 1105.5 and Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground is at km 1049.6.

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Till Creek: The Till Creek falls are only accessible by water, on the shore of Lake Superior, south of Old Woman Bay