Art in the Park at Lake Superior ParkThe "Friends of Lake Superior Park" was established in 1993 under a cooperative agreement with Ontario Parks.  The Friends of Lake Superior Park is a not-for-profit and a registered Charity.  It is one of the 13 Friends organizations with the Ontario Parks system.  Information on other Friends organizations can be found here.


Annual Meeting of the Friends of Lake Superior Park

Date and location to be announced later.


Niijkiwenhwag (nij-ki-wen-i-wog) is the Ojibwe word for "friends".

Our main purpose is to enhance the educational and interpretive programs in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Here are some examples of how we help the park:Bench

  • extending work contracts for Natural Heritage Education (NHE)
  • funding for NHE programs and equipment through an annual grant
  • sponsoring music concerts and other special events
  • printing and sale of several publications about the park
  • provide funds for special projects like the backcountry composting toilet at Warp Bay
  • benches (can be sponsored) that visitors can use to enjoy the park scenery Clivus Warp
  • host an event on the Fall Colours Weekend
  • created and maintain the website to provide more information about the park
  • Donations to the park - we can help - please contact us